Guitar Workshop Session #2 - Expand Your Guitar Chord Vocabulary (Oct 9)


Guitar Workshop Session #2 - Expand Your Guitar Chord Vocabulary (Oct 9)


Wednesday Oct 9th St. - St. Catherine’s Church

36335 Hwy 101 Map
Nehalem, OR 97131
Between Nehalem and Manzanita

2:45pm - 4:00

NOT part of Fire Mountain Package.

If you Purchase Both Wednesday Sessions #1 & #2, you get into the Wednesday Night Brooks Robertson Concert for FREE!

(Please consider the full 4 session series)

Join guitarist Brooks Robertson as he presents a hands-on workshop exploring movable chord shapes on the guitar. This course is great for guitar players of all styles who would like to learn more chord qualities and shapes, all of which are movable on various string sets across the neck, and best of all they will work in any key. The workshop will focus on 4-note chords known as “7th Chords”, including Major7, minor7, Dominant7, and minor7(b5). Robertson will demonstrate and slowly teach each of these chord types with a 6th string root shape, a 5th string root shape, and also a 4th string root shape, allowing for the player to have access to multiple positions up and down the neck in a range of pitch registers. This workshop will also summarize and discuss how all these chord types fit together into a Major Key and how you can build your own progressions and songs using these 4-note chords. TAB/Chord Diagrams will be provided for all examples so you can take the music home and work on it at your own pace. All participants are encouraged to bring their guitars. This workshop is roughly a late beginner - intermediate level.

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