Cannon Beach Galleries - 2019

Cannon Beach Gallery

1986 - Present

1064 South Hemlock.

Owned and operated the Cannon Beach Arts Association. The Cannon Beach Gallery represents north Coast artists with rotating monthly exhibits and a retail gallery space. Founded in 1986 to support and bolster regional fine arts, the Cannon Beach Gallery is home to over 200 local Pacific Northwest artists.


1987 - Present

Upstairs, Sandpiper Square

Owned and operated by Jeff and Carol Hull

The Jeffery Hull Gallery exclusively shows the northwest seascape & landscape paintings of owner Jeffery Hull.


1991 – Present

Corner of Gower Street & Hemlock Street

1975 – 1991

Prior to locating in Cannon Beach Icefire Glassworks operated in Portland, McMinneville and Willamina, Oregon. Owned and operated by artist Jim Kingwell, other resident artists are Suzanne Kindland and Mark Gordon. The artists at Icefire make & sell one-of-a-kind blown glass pieces.


2001 – Present

Owned and operated by Eeva Lantela.  DragonFire exhibits a wide range of contemporary works ranging from paintings to fiber arts.


Late 1980’s – Present

Corner of 1st Street & Hemlock Street.

1972- 1980’s, Sandpiper Square

Early 1960’s, Staircase Gallery, M&M Building

Owned and operated by Bill Steidel and Sam Steidel (father & son).  Steidel’s Art features the original work of Bill Steidel, as well as reproductions. Prior to settling in his current location Bill Steidel operated the Staircase Gallery in the Cannon Beach mall, as well as operating out of two different locations in Sandpiper Square.    


1971 - Present

251 North Hemlock Street

Owned & operated by Allyn Cantor.  The White Bird Gallery focuses on fine art and fine craft. It features the work of Cannon Beach artists George Kettlewell, Barbara Grant, Steve McLeod, David Phillips and Susan Simon.  Other local coast artists featured are Royal Nebeker, Robert Peterson, Liza Jones, MJ Anderson, Shirley Gittelsohn and Ken Grant (formerly of CB).


1997 - Present

224 Hemlock Street, The Landing

1993 – 1997

Upstairs, Village Center

Owned and operated by Kim Barnett and Dena Draxton, managed by Melisa Kroening.  Bronze Coast Gallery specializes in limited edition bronze sculpture, as well as exhibiting painting & photography. Cannon Beach artists Hans Schiebold and Donald Masterson are represented.


2004 – Present

231 N. Hemlock, Village Center

Showcasing the photographs of owner/operator George Vetter, photographing in and around Cannon Beach since 1977.  Managed by Jennifer Jonas.


2005 – Present

232 N. Spruce, across from City Park

1987 – 2005

239 N. Hemlock (behind CB Leather)

Owned and operated by Joyce Lincoln and Bob.  Northwest by Northwest features the original paintings, sculpture, glass and photography of renowned regional artists.


1987 – Present

Owned and operated by Sharon Amber.  Featuring the fine jewelry of owner Sharon Amber in a wide range of styles and materials, and representing many natural and organic themes.


2004- Present

224 N. Hemlock, The Landing

Owned and operated by Molly Marshall & David Marshall.  Modern Villa features contemporary landscape and realist paintings, including the work of co-owner David Marshall.


1978 – Present

739 S. Hemlock Street

Owned and operated by husband and wife artists Harry Greaver and Hanne Greaver.  The Greaver Gallery features the paintings and prints of resident artists Harry and Hanne as well as those of their son Peter Greaver.  The Greavers operated a gallery at the corner of 2nd and Hemlock Streets for a period.


2004- Present

280 n. Hemlock, inside Gary’s Service Center

Owned and operated by Gary Moon.  Gary features his own landscape photograph in the gallery/lobby of the service station that he operates with his sons.

The Pallette Puddlers

The Pallette Puddlers

Formed in1988, the original members of this painting/critiqe club were, Alice Regan, Jackie Quint, Charolette Mast, Betty Brower and June Johnson.  They began meeting at the Tolovana Hall community center and later moved to the Presbyterian Church. The group currently has 11 members and continues to meet every Monday.

Cannon Beach Gallery History

Galleries 1960’s

Beach Craft, ceramics Carol Firebaugh, artist/owner

Townhouse Pottery Bill & Bea Cox, artist/owners

Staircase Gallery Bill Steidel, artist/owner.  1972, located in the M&M Building (CB Mall).

Cove Beach Gallery John Resacher, artist/owner

Sketchpad Frank Lackaff, artist/owner.  1963, Tommy’s Gas Station, Hemlock St. & Gower St.

1964, M&M Building (CB Mall).  1966-79, Hemlock St. & Monroe St.

*See Greaver Gallery 1970’s

Trelawneys, craft Chris Reid & Fred Lackaff, artist owners.  Located in the Sroufe Grocery Annex.

Carronade, craft Prissy Martin, artist/owner.  Hemlock St. & 2nd St.

Wave Crest Don and Violet Thompson operate a studio/shop out of their inn, The Wave Crest at 4008 S. Hemlock St., Tolovana Park.

Galleries 1970’s

White Bird Gallery 1971, Evelyn Georges, artist/owner.  Early partners: Steve McLeod, Gail Greenwood, Barbara Temple & Pat Snellman.  The White Bird continues to operate from the same location today.

Isle of Skye Steve McLeod, artist/owner.  1971

Rainbow Gallery 1972-76, Amy Kline, Fred Kline, & Tom McColl, artist/owners.  Located in the M&M Building (CB Mall). 1976 purchased by artist David Phillips.

Steidel’s Art Bill Steidel, artist/owner w/ Sally Steidel and later Sam Steidel.  1972, located in two different spaces in Sandpiper Square, then in its current location at the corner of 1st & Hemlock Streets.

Weighing Station, glass Jim Hannen, artist/owner.  1972

CB Stained Glass Jim Hannen & Deborah Hannen, artist/owners.  Hemlock St. & Harrison St.

Worcester Glass works Bill & Sally Worcester, artist/owners.  1972, Hemlock St. & Gower St. *See IceFire Glassworks, 90’s.

Inglenook, fibers Louise Lindsey, artist/owner.  1972, Sandpiper Square. Second location at the M&M Building (CB Mall).

Group W, jewelry Dean Bonde, Chuck Frojan, Paul Wadsworth & Mark Wagner, artist/owners.  1973-78, Osburn Grocery Annex.

The Hollow Tree Liela Dearing, artist/owner.  M&M Building (CB Mall)

Weather Vane Jeff Hull & David Louis, artist/owners.  1972-80, Sandpiper Square.

Joe Police/Pat Eagan Studio 1973-80, Joe Police & Pat Eagon operate an open studio behind Sandpiper Square.

Lotus Land Peter Adamson & David Louis, artist/owners.  1976. Leather, metal, crafts.

Bizzare Gallery Betty & Robin Mayther, owners.  1974-75, M&M Building (CB Mall).

Ocean Pottery George Kettlewell & Kersti Hamann, artist/owners.  1973-1982, 2nd St. west of Hemlock St.

Framian Gallery Patty Johnson, owner.  1976, Hemlock St. south of First St.

Sandpiper Gallery Artists co-op.  1973, Sandpiper Square

Ron Strong Gallery Ron Strong, owner.  1976, M&M Building (CB Mall).

Sunsculpture Dennis & Karen Kent, artist/owners.  Photography shop, M&M Building (CB Mall)

McCorkindale Gallery Andrew McCorkindale, artist/owner.  Located at 215 N. Hemlock.

Great Amer. Dream Machine Carol & Craig Imper, artist/owners.  1973, above White Bird Gallery.

Den of Oz Don Osborne, artist/owner.  Hemlock St., above Rekate Real Estate.

Greaver Gallery Harry & Hanne Greaver.  1978, Hemlock & 2nd St.  1979, purchased and moved to what was the Sketchpad at Hemlock St. & Monroe St.  The Greaver Gallery continues to operate today.

Floyd Peterson Photography Floyd Peterson, artist/owner.  1978, M&M Building (CB Mall). *See Haystack Gallery, 80’s.

Windward Way Pottery Doug & Donna Joe Kaigler, artist/owners.  Located at the old Arch Cape gas station.

Galleries 1980’s

Haystack Gallery 1985, Cannon Beach Mall (M&M Building).  Purchased by Bill and Paty Coomes from Floyd and Jeanette Peterson.  Haystack Gallery continues to operate from the same location today.

Northwest By Northwest Owned and operated by Joyce Lincoln and Bob Necker.  1987-2005, located at 239 N. Hemlock (just behind the leather shop).  2005, moved to it’s current location at 232 N. Spruce in what used to be the fire station.

The Jeffery Hull Gallery 1987, owned and operated by Jeff and Carol Hull, upstairs at Sandpiper Square.  The Hulls continue to operate in the same location today.

Jewelry by Sharon Amber 1987, opened upstairs in Sandpiper Square by Sharon Amble/Amber & Tom Amble.  Sharon Amber continues to operate her business from the same location today.

Cannon Beach Gallery 1987, opened upstairs at Sandpiper Square by the newly formed Cannon Beach Arts Association.  Barbara Grant is the first gallery director. *See CB Gallery history.

Ballantyne & Douglas Ecola Square, upstairs.  

Weary Fox Gallery 1989, Ecola Square

Hieneman Graphics Russ Heineman, owner.  1988-92ish, Village Center, upstairs

Ballantyne & Douglas 123 S. Hemlock, upstairs at Ecola Square.

Hershey Studios Mary Anne Radmacher/Hershey, owner/artist.  Upstairs at Sandpiper Square, later moved to the Pat’s Coffee building just north of the White Bird.

Ernst & Ernst Collectors Gal. 231 N. Hemlock, Ecola Square, upstairs

Otter Woods Pottery Cannon Beach Mall (M&M Building)

Galleries 1990’s

IceFire Glass Works 1991, Jim Kingwell artist/owner.  Jim purchased the glass blowing shop, at the corner of Hemlock St. & Gower St., from Bill and Sally Worcester.  IceFire operates from the same location today.

Bill Dodge Gallery Bill Dodge, artist/owner.  Village Center (where Bella Espresso is today).

Ernst & Ernst Collectors Gal. 1992, Larry Ernst, owner.  Village Center (where Bella Espresso is today) later at The Landing.

Culina Glass Roger Crosta, artist/owner.  Village Center (where Bella Espresso is today).  

Valley Bronze 186 N. Hemlock, Ecola Square.

Bronze Coast Gallery Owned and operated by Kim Barnett & Dena Draxton.  1993-1997, upstairs at Village Center (above Pizza a Fetta).  1997 – present, the Landing.

Windridge Gallery 231 N. Hemlock, the Landing.

Rod ?, Village Center, upstairs.

CB Fine Art Gallery Eva ? Village Center, upstairs.

Pavilion Linda Kinhan, owner.  219 N. Hemlock at the Courtyard.  Fine arts and gifts.

Galleries 2000’s

Uffelman Art and Home Jeff Uffelman & Hanna Finn owner/artists.  Located at 271 N. Hemlock.

Dragon Fire Studio 2001, owned and operated by Mari Rocket and Eeva Lantela.  Originally upstairs at Ecola Square, Dragon Fire was an interactive ceramic studio and gallery.  The studio element was eliminated and the gallery expanded downstairs at Ecola Square. Dragon Fire continues to operate at this location.

Artists Gallerie 2002, Michael Tieman, artist & Nancy Tieman owners.  Located in the Landing. As of March 2007 the Tiemans have decided to close their gallery.

Primary Elements 2003, Stephanie Ansley owner/operator.  Upstairs at Sandpiper Square. Primary Elements continues to operate at this location.

Rhodes Stringfellow 2003, Otho D. Wing & Craig Gunnell, owner/operators.  Located at 219 N. Hemlock in the Courtyard. Rhodes Stringfellow continues to operate from this location.

Torched Metals 2004, D.J. Poyne, artist/owner.  Jewelry, Village Center, upstairs.

Brett Hostedler Gallery 2004, Brett Hostedler, artist/owner.  Village Center, upstairs.

Modern Villa Gallery 2004, David Marshal, artist & Molly Marshall owner/operators.  Located at 224 N. Hemlock at the Landing. Modern Villa Gallery continues to operate from this location.

George Vetter Foto Art 2004, George Vetter artist/owner.  Located at 231 N. Hemlock at Village Center.

William Rose Fine Art 2006, Chad Spicknall, artist & Maggie Chanelle owner/operators.  Located at the Corner of Hemlock St. & 2nd St.